Introduction to the company

Sima Choob Company (Pvt.) belongs to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). The company has developed the activities aimed to supply the needs of the ministries, institutions, organizations as well as private and public companies in consulting, design and implementation of professional decorative systems and interior design, office equipment, electronic equipment associated with monitoring, and providing all equipment and facilities of command systems and disaster management (such as Video Wall, City Anti-earthquake Displays, etc.), training and public equipment and full equipment of conference halls, conference rooms, meeting rooms, managers rooms, cinemas, lobbies, hotels and inns, and shopping malls, official, recreational, cultural, educational and tourism complexes, producing double-layered partitions ... the company has also been able to implement large number of projects by the help of its experts. Sima Choob, as one of the greatest state factories in Wood and Furniture Industries located at a land with 50000m2 area and more than 40 years experiences in production and also employing at least 300 persons of expert labor and more than 30 contractor companies on different fields, has been successful to won the National Standard and ISO certificates, as well as licenses and award in products design and manufacture management.



By implementing over 1000 successful projects nationwide, this company has won quality management certificate of ISO10004 in the area of customer satisfaction and also Innovative Management Statue with grade A in the field of interior design from ICS Canada. The company has established extensive cooperation with the municipalities for the implementation of major projects and equipping urban streets and parks (such as Iran javānmardān park, Velayat park, Cheetgar lake, etc.) and proceed to the installation of park equipment and furniture (park benches, trash, pavilions, fitness equipment, etc.), park lights and light tower. The main activities of the company can be noted as follows: implementing huge national projects, such as audio and video decorative equipment of Islamic Republic of Iran International Conference Hall (Hall Summit), furnishing and audio-video decorative and monitoring disaster prevention and management centers across the country as well as overseas projects such as audio-video accessories of Djibouti Parliament hall (in Africa), building and equipment of radio-television studio, such as Iraqi Kurdistan TV, several hotels in Irbil, manufacturing and equipping radio-television studios in Afghanistan and etc.

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